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|A Floor Lamp Redefines the Feeling that Time Brings

By combining the deliberately blurred "time" with the light and shadow of the floor lamp, people can truly feel the passage of time and get closer to the "time" itself. I hope to alleviate the time anxiety in modern society through this new interpretation.

Time anxiety is becoming increasingly common in contemporary society, where “time’” has become a cold number. People resist the passage of time since it's always accompanied by more and more information to process and increasing anxiety.

Time isn’t inherently right or wrong. It has existed since the beginning of the world, but each generation has given it a different meaning.

截屏2023-06-01 20.33.48.png

This work hopes to change the feeling that “time” brings in modern society and to convey the warmth of the passage of time.

截屏2023-06-01 21.09.33.png
截屏2023-06-01 21.26.28.png

Through the structure design of the internal light sources and the clock movement, the shadow of the left pointer would be projected on the right side under the light, while the shadow of the right pointer was projected on the left, creating an interlaced effect while the shadow of the clock movement itself would be hidden.


The pointers of different shapes rotate and interlace under the light sources of two tones, creating a unique atmosphere each second.


When “time” is no longer a precise number, people can get closer to “time” itself.

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