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Pork: 70g

| An Exhibition About Nutrition Truth and Dietary Choices

Meat is considered by most people to have more nutrients that are difficult to be replaced by vegetarian food, which is one of the main reasons why vegetarianism is rejected. However,

through the analysis of nutritional content, it turned out to be a misconception. This exhibition is dedicated to revealing the truth in a rational and objective way while leaving space for the audience to make choices based on reality.

Through a large amount of interviews and research, the top three meat nutrients that meat eaters thought can be the most difficult to replace are protein, iron and calories, and VB12.


So, is that true?

截屏2023-06-03 11.39.46.png

The purpose of this exhibition is to reveal the truth. Therefore, I did not imitate the way how the farming industry promotes meat, nor did I intend to guide people to become vegetarians. After exposing the scam, the choice is left to the audience.

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